Friday, October 28, 2011

Green Under Eye Glitz

I'm not really a big fan of a lot of under-eye eye shadow, but today I experimented with green and the result: Love. I do think the colors I used (dark brown/metallic warm brown/little black.) are too dark.. But my eyes do stand out :)

I also recently dyed my hair a dark brown/black. not sure whether or not I like it... But my hair does feel extremely soft and silky :)

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Revlon ColorStay Aqua.

I recently purchased this at walmart for somewhere around $11.99. I have been using it for nearly a week now and I do like it. At first, I didn't like the cooling effect it has, but after a while of using this foundation, I grew used to it. It's very refreshing and it has little shimmers that gleam after wearing for a while. It also has a very nice built in brush that I love! It's SO handy and there's no worry of it ever falling out because of the way it's designed. (it fits in the lid)
It says there's no smell, but there is.. It's strange, but it's not that bad.
I overall would rate this an 7/10 because it does not provide me with the coverage I truly need. I do have minor break outs and bumps and the coverage does not last for more than 3-4 hours for me. It starts looking oily and faded and it is a very messy packaged foundation. The powder spills out of the holes and can get all over if you aren't or cautious.

Sorry about the goofy picture! Hahaa. It is good lighting and shows the type of coverage it provides, though..
That's after only 30 minutes of having it on. Do you see the shine? I like matte/flat looking coverage so seeing that shine and gleam is quite a big turn of for me. My face tends to look very oily after just a few hours and I don't like having to blot it over and over again, especially if my skin is just going to be shinier....

Has anyone else tried it? What do Y'all think?

Urban Decay: Urban Bride

Ordered it Saturday and I just got it today.. It's beautiful! The packaging is really adorable and I will be keeping this as a storage case.

 Really upset about seeing this open and powder EVERYWHERE. It was all over the box, all over the outside of the box, very loose, very messy... But it smells and tastes totally amazing so I could actually care less about the packaging since It's still completely usable.

 I like this primer, but personally prefer the "Sin" version. 
I don't know about the lip gloss so far. :)

The powder smells good but the little sponge top bothers me and it's like a cloud when you press it against your face.

I will be using both of these tomorrow. As of now, I'm not totally sure about how well these two things work. 

I'm really excited about this set! everything in it is extremely cute, not to mention the box itself is adorable and It's all on sale for $20 something dollars on

And yes, the marshmellow glittery powder is all over my hands and spilled out everywhere... :(

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Texas State Fair

I found out something horrendous..

Grease and oil is really bad for your skin. ( AH! I already knew that but decided to ignore my knowledge and eat eat eat the junk!)
Yesterday I went to a restaurant and ate most of a 1/2 lb burger, fries, fried pickles, onion rings, and fried mushrooms.
I woke up with three new pimples in the morning! (I am horrible at resisting the urge to probe my pimples. Then, of course, I over wash. )
And today I spend 8 + hours at the Texas State Fair! (OU vs. LONGHORNS! ) bad game, btw

and I had curly fries, tacos, some left over burger, and fried cookie dough.

One new pimple I saw an hour ago.

In conclusion, I will be trying my best to lose a couple of lbs. this week lol
AND I will be cleansing my body with many refreshing GALLONS of water. Maybe my face will end up clearing up by Tuesday, If I'm lucky..

I have a pimple `stache. They have all decided to group along my upper lip line and I think I am pimple hell right now. Lol.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Urban Decay SALE,default,sc.html

Check it out! amazing sale

This is the stuff I picked up

They no longer have the primer potion duo up.
Just try to pick up the other stuff while it's up! GREAT amazing super awessssome sale

Thursday, October 6, 2011

GlitterGal: Holographic Green

Click photos to view nail polish better

Most amazing and most expensive nail polish I've ever worn. Bought at $16 on ebay. I must say, I can't tell if it's worth it yet. I don't know how long it will last.

Color: shimmering, beautiful. It really does look holographic and it's totally stunning. One coat is enough

Time to dry: It dries within 3 minutes if the coat is thin enough. Love it

Wear: Looks great on my fingers! I do not know how long it will last without chipping or flaking though

Overall 6/10. I don't know how long it will last. I'm worried that it will leave impressions in the polish. I had to do another coat over my thumbs because I touched something and it left impressions.  The price is always crazy high. I've never spent more than $9 on one bottle of nail polish, especially one this small. Only 0.3 oz.

Horror Movie List - October!

1. The Thing. (I always begin a horror movie list with this movie)
2. Psycho
3. Perfume: The Story Of a Murderer. (Awesome movie!)
4. Christine
5. Nosferatu
6. Texas Chainsaw Massacre
7. Trick R Treat. (love it)
8. Carrie
9. Evil Dead
10. Evil Dead 2.
11. Army of Darkness
12. Silence of the Lambs (been watched over 30 times this year alone.)
13. Red Dragon.
14. The Black Dahlia
15. I spit on your grave (New one and Old on to be watched on the Same DAY)
16. Decent
17. [Rec]
18. House of 1000 Corpses
19.RoseMary's Baby
20. Autopsy
21. Insidious
22. An American Werewolf in London
23. Frankenstein
24. Pet Sematary
25. Dream Catcher (Not super scary but I love the movie. If I feel like it, I'll do another movie as well. = Dracula! )
27. Night of the living Dead
28. Bone sickness (Never seen it.. If it sucks I'll watch something else)
29. Let Sleeping Corpses Lie
30. Dawn of the Dead
31. Alien
1. Devils Rejects

By the way, my list keeps going. I'll probably continue it through November. Lol.
There are still a ton more amazing movies to watch!
Often times I watch 2 or 3 movies each day. ( I can't concentrate without listening to something.. )
So that's why there's always a movie going. I need some sort of dialogue or conversation other than songs..
Music is very different that movies and I love movies a lot more compared to music.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Bare minerals moisturizer

OH MY GOODNESS! Just after using this stuff for nearly a week, I LOVE IT!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Bare Minerals

Just got the bare minerals starter kit for a birthday present. I've never used it before, but I've heard a lot of people love the stuff. I actually recommended it to my sister before her wedding. She was looking for something new, I told her it was natural and I hear it's really lightweight and fresh feeling, she bought it, week and a half later after she bought it (her wedding was a few days after she bought it) now she loves it. Bought me one since my birthday was the 30th! her wedding was the 24th. 

I haven't even tried it for myself yet. I can't wait though. 

Right now I am having a problem with extremely dry skin. I hate oily skin and even though my skin is not oily, I am constantly washing it and moisturizing it to keep it fresh looking and feeling. Problem is, no matter how I moisturize, it is not retaining anything I put on it. I know, I know, STOP WASHING YOUR FACE. I have cut down.
I've used pure olive oil, coco butter, petroleum, skinlogics moisturizer with, garnier moisturizer, nivea stuff, tons of junk. Now I'm trying a bare minerals moisturizer. So far, I've had it on for a couple of hours now and It feels the same as everything else; smooth ontop, but the more I press and glide my fingers across my face, the more I am able to feel the harsh skin below the cream.
BLAH! Saturday I actually attempted to scrub some of the dry skin off with a toothbrush in hopes that it would reveal a fresher layer underneath the rough one. Problem arose, now I have a scab on my face from rubbing too hard. I'm pretty sure my urge to feel cleanly and fresh has now come to the endangerment of the softness of my skin. Help? This skin is driving me bongos and it hurts like no-other-mother could imagine.

Bought it from JCP for around $67. I will be headed back there sometime tomorrow or Tuesday to check out their Sephora things. I also want to grab an urban decay primer potion sample that they have for $9. For that, it's about nearly half the price! Might as well get the entire thing since I've heard some pretty nice stuff about it.

And with this I have decided to limit my facial washing and up my moisturizing.
Face washing only once in the morning, once at night. I typically wash once or twice in the morning, once in the afternoon, once at night. For fear of feeling uncomfortable with my make up or having oily skin  is overwhelming. My washing habits are harming my skin very badly.

Moisturizing. I love having moisturizer on. I put it on before I sleep and before I put on any make up. I guess I'll have to let it set longer than put another coat of it on before sleeping. Maybe that will assure a softer complexion in the morning. I hate waking up with dry, hard skin..

Saturday, October 1, 2011


Very light and fluffy looking!
Uh yes, my eye brow is filled in (not very well, at that)
But it looks a lot different when you're standing farther away.

The finished product. 

Products Used;
  • BH cosmetics 120 pallett second edition 
  • Loreal DeCrease eye shadow primer
  • VS eye liner
  • Maybelline falsies mascara 
YUP YUP! I wear this nearly everyday. That or Brown. It makes my eyes look very shimmery and soft and I think it highlights the natural color of my eyes. 

Gold/Yellow Eye shadow

I love it. Although I have been told it looks strange.. I still love it!
My ex once told me it looks as if I got punched in the eye :(
Lol Oh well!

I was attempting to try a more "fall look" with a yellow/orange/brown.
My eye brow ring which is now closed but leaves the appearance that it's still there. (I wish it were) I liked it a lot.

 Added a darker brown and black at the edges of my eyes

Final look. Sorry for the blurry picture.

  • Products used BH Cosmetics 120 pallet second edition
  • Loreal DeCrease eye shadow primer
  • Maybelline the falsies flared mascara

Friday, September 30, 2011



Well, today's my birthday! WOO! Not just any old and boring birthday.. but the big 1 8.
That's correct. 18, feisty, and ready to sleep in!
But alas, reality calls. Work employees call, too. Maybe they'll surprise me with almighty CUPCAKES! yum yum yum!

Have a birthday like Stuarts
Like stuart says "I have tasted freedom!"

Work at 12, puppy classes for my puppy at 7(till 8)
Then Hookah lounge after that lol

My puppy Hank.

Happy birthday to me :)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Loved Ones

Ever seen this movie? I just recently saw it. It's awesome. Mainly because the main victim of the movie is very strong willed. I won't  give out too many details mainly because you gotta go out there and watch it yourself. It's just your day to day bitch-fit movie but as for me, I love accents.. Sometimes, accents actually keep me WATCHING the film. Aussie accents in this case. There's some minor violence ( I say minor because in my opinion it is not too gory) but for some squeamish people, you will surely get the goose bumps and the grinding teeth!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Recent shopping

 With my recent shopping, as of today, I bought these two color pallets, garnier moisturizer, and a little mini tin of nivea moisturizer cream.

I bought these two different colored pallets for $8 together. Regular price is 6 dollars each. Ulta is having a good sale!

This is my favorite moisturizer. It's easily absorbed into the pours and always makes my skin softer. it's $8 bucks at ulta and even cheaper at walmart

This was only one buck at ulta. It's not very big though

Tomorrow I will be testing out both my new nivea cream and my nyx cream pallets. Check out my posts!
Also, don't forget this handy little thing! Lasts until September 24th. Visit to learn more

Color Lenses

So I bought some colored lenses last night! (But I think I somehow screwed up my order and ordered two of the same pair and didn't order one I really wanted... UGH! I'm ditzy! Oh well. I am emailed the webmaster so hopefully they can tell me whether or not the ordered can be corrected...If not, I suppose I'll give them away. Anyone want some green geo lenses? -0 Power)

 I ordered these lovely ones( This is the one I think I didn't order but really wanted.) Geo Hurricane Gray! 
By the way, the images I used for this are from other's blogs and I am quoting their blogs so they can receive credit! Make sure to follow them as well. :)

The Next is the geo tri color brown

And also these: Geo tri color green!

Also, this is where I bought my lenses. I really owe them because of the considerable amount of bothering I've done to them. Messing up my order and what-not... But they have great prices. buy 2, get 1 free!!
And they have answered all of my questions so far and have been really helpful.
You really gotta check them out.

*EDIT: I think it's too late for them to fix my order. UGH! I also believe that I may have sent my help-message to the wrong email. I'll wait and see if I actually messed it up...*

Giveaway : A beautiful necklace by Jewels by Peggy

Giveaway : A beautiful necklace by Jewels by Peggy

Check out this beautiful necklace! :)

First post


This blog is not only about make up(Yeah, make up)
But also Horror movies because I like horror movies and horror plots more than make up.
Not to mention, make up directors in horror movies should get tons of credit for their work. Have you ever seen the original 1931 Frankenstein? Look at Frankenstein, Honor Jack Pierce. Do you know how long it took to put on a face like that? well, back in 1931 they didn't have as many make up techniques as they have today... So around 8 hours? Yeah, 8 hours to put on a face. I don't know if it takes you 8 hours to do your face, but it doesn't take me that long. If it takes you that much time, I imagine you must look something like Frankenstein..

But anyways, THE EXORCIST!
Great example of amazing make up. They went through tons of different make up designs before they came up with her ugly mug. Also, they did an amazing job. This people really know their work. Don't forget the Priest!!

Also, have you ever seen the Thing? That's not some photoshop shit, that's some amazing work.

See that? Holy hell, I'm watching it now and It still amazes me how they could do that from 

Also, AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON! Wow. Watch that! Possibly the greatest seen transformation that happens right before the viewers eyes NOT using CGI

So folks, don't underestimate the power of make up and the passion of art...
Or maybe you'll end up like this guy? ;)

(No, I do not do make up like this. I do girly make up. This is a cinema blog, lifestyle blog about MY life, and my make up blog. I'll post pictures of my girly little eyes with different hues, my dog, my mom, my sister brother mother boyfriend. Anything I want, including scenes and opinions of my favorite movies and all those have you whatnots. )