Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Color Lenses

So I bought some colored lenses last night! (But I think I somehow screwed up my order and ordered two of the same pair and didn't order one I really wanted... UGH! I'm ditzy! Oh well. I am emailed the webmaster so hopefully they can tell me whether or not the ordered can be corrected...If not, I suppose I'll give them away. Anyone want some green geo lenses? -0 Power)

 I ordered these lovely ones( This is the one I think I didn't order but really wanted.) Geo Hurricane Gray! 
By the way, the images I used for this are from other's blogs and I am quoting their blogs so they can receive credit! Make sure to follow them as well. :)

The Next is the geo tri color brown

And also these: Geo tri color green!

Also, this is where I bought my lenses. I really owe them because of the considerable amount of bothering I've done to them. Messing up my order and what-not... But they have great prices. buy 2, get 1 free!!
And they have answered all of my questions so far and have been really helpful.
You really gotta check them out.

*EDIT: I think it's too late for them to fix my order. UGH! I also believe that I may have sent my help-message to the wrong email. I'll wait and see if I actually messed it up...*

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