Sunday, October 2, 2011

Bare Minerals

Just got the bare minerals starter kit for a birthday present. I've never used it before, but I've heard a lot of people love the stuff. I actually recommended it to my sister before her wedding. She was looking for something new, I told her it was natural and I hear it's really lightweight and fresh feeling, she bought it, week and a half later after she bought it (her wedding was a few days after she bought it) now she loves it. Bought me one since my birthday was the 30th! her wedding was the 24th. 

I haven't even tried it for myself yet. I can't wait though. 

Right now I am having a problem with extremely dry skin. I hate oily skin and even though my skin is not oily, I am constantly washing it and moisturizing it to keep it fresh looking and feeling. Problem is, no matter how I moisturize, it is not retaining anything I put on it. I know, I know, STOP WASHING YOUR FACE. I have cut down.
I've used pure olive oil, coco butter, petroleum, skinlogics moisturizer with, garnier moisturizer, nivea stuff, tons of junk. Now I'm trying a bare minerals moisturizer. So far, I've had it on for a couple of hours now and It feels the same as everything else; smooth ontop, but the more I press and glide my fingers across my face, the more I am able to feel the harsh skin below the cream.
BLAH! Saturday I actually attempted to scrub some of the dry skin off with a toothbrush in hopes that it would reveal a fresher layer underneath the rough one. Problem arose, now I have a scab on my face from rubbing too hard. I'm pretty sure my urge to feel cleanly and fresh has now come to the endangerment of the softness of my skin. Help? This skin is driving me bongos and it hurts like no-other-mother could imagine.

Bought it from JCP for around $67. I will be headed back there sometime tomorrow or Tuesday to check out their Sephora things. I also want to grab an urban decay primer potion sample that they have for $9. For that, it's about nearly half the price! Might as well get the entire thing since I've heard some pretty nice stuff about it.

And with this I have decided to limit my facial washing and up my moisturizing.
Face washing only once in the morning, once at night. I typically wash once or twice in the morning, once in the afternoon, once at night. For fear of feeling uncomfortable with my make up or having oily skin  is overwhelming. My washing habits are harming my skin very badly.

Moisturizing. I love having moisturizer on. I put it on before I sleep and before I put on any make up. I guess I'll have to let it set longer than put another coat of it on before sleeping. Maybe that will assure a softer complexion in the morning. I hate waking up with dry, hard skin..


  1. nice blog... im also using bare minerals and im loving it for 1 year.

    im a new follower please follow back check out my blog too.. thank you

  2. I think you gonna Love using this kit, when I first started in makeup, this is all I wore! Love your blog, I see your just starting out, I`m your newest follower, & I wish you luck on this blog, Hope to see you on mine more often! (:

    <3 Dollie.

  3. Aww sorry to heard about ur skin condition, hope it'll be better soon!! Have you tried face masks? I find that they're quite moisturizing. I have combination skin, but i have dry skin on my forehead. The few days after I use a face mask always makes my forehead smooth lol. Or... have you tried using a serum?

  4. i think minerals are great for skin :))

    followed you! hope you can follow back :)) im a newbie.

  5. I have tried a few masks.. But no recently. Great suggestion! I will definitely being trying a mask eventually.
    And a serum! ah yes I have used tons of things..

  6. I love bareminerals...I've been using it for 2 years now. It's really good for your skin! I haven't tried their skin products yet but maybe I should!!

    ♥ Shia