Thursday, October 13, 2011

Revlon ColorStay Aqua.

I recently purchased this at walmart for somewhere around $11.99. I have been using it for nearly a week now and I do like it. At first, I didn't like the cooling effect it has, but after a while of using this foundation, I grew used to it. It's very refreshing and it has little shimmers that gleam after wearing for a while. It also has a very nice built in brush that I love! It's SO handy and there's no worry of it ever falling out because of the way it's designed. (it fits in the lid)
It says there's no smell, but there is.. It's strange, but it's not that bad.
I overall would rate this an 7/10 because it does not provide me with the coverage I truly need. I do have minor break outs and bumps and the coverage does not last for more than 3-4 hours for me. It starts looking oily and faded and it is a very messy packaged foundation. The powder spills out of the holes and can get all over if you aren't or cautious.

Sorry about the goofy picture! Hahaa. It is good lighting and shows the type of coverage it provides, though..
That's after only 30 minutes of having it on. Do you see the shine? I like matte/flat looking coverage so seeing that shine and gleam is quite a big turn of for me. My face tends to look very oily after just a few hours and I don't like having to blot it over and over again, especially if my skin is just going to be shinier....

Has anyone else tried it? What do Y'all think?

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