Thursday, October 6, 2011

Horror Movie List - October!

1. The Thing. (I always begin a horror movie list with this movie)
2. Psycho
3. Perfume: The Story Of a Murderer. (Awesome movie!)
4. Christine
5. Nosferatu
6. Texas Chainsaw Massacre
7. Trick R Treat. (love it)
8. Carrie
9. Evil Dead
10. Evil Dead 2.
11. Army of Darkness
12. Silence of the Lambs (been watched over 30 times this year alone.)
13. Red Dragon.
14. The Black Dahlia
15. I spit on your grave (New one and Old on to be watched on the Same DAY)
16. Decent
17. [Rec]
18. House of 1000 Corpses
19.RoseMary's Baby
20. Autopsy
21. Insidious
22. An American Werewolf in London
23. Frankenstein
24. Pet Sematary
25. Dream Catcher (Not super scary but I love the movie. If I feel like it, I'll do another movie as well. = Dracula! )
27. Night of the living Dead
28. Bone sickness (Never seen it.. If it sucks I'll watch something else)
29. Let Sleeping Corpses Lie
30. Dawn of the Dead
31. Alien
1. Devils Rejects

By the way, my list keeps going. I'll probably continue it through November. Lol.
There are still a ton more amazing movies to watch!
Often times I watch 2 or 3 movies each day. ( I can't concentrate without listening to something.. )
So that's why there's always a movie going. I need some sort of dialogue or conversation other than songs..
Music is very different that movies and I love movies a lot more compared to music.


  1. waaah, i love watching horror movies!! but im a scaredy cat :)) haha

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  2. Ooooohh I love your list. I love scary movies. I love a good scare lol. Oh and Insidious was a crazy movie that made me scream lol. Love the part when the little boy was dancing in the living room lol...creepy!

  3. Oh you so should add Devil's Rejects :)

  4. OH HELL YEAH! There we go! Talking bout some one with an awesome ideaa