Wednesday, September 14, 2011

First post


This blog is not only about make up(Yeah, make up)
But also Horror movies because I like horror movies and horror plots more than make up.
Not to mention, make up directors in horror movies should get tons of credit for their work. Have you ever seen the original 1931 Frankenstein? Look at Frankenstein, Honor Jack Pierce. Do you know how long it took to put on a face like that? well, back in 1931 they didn't have as many make up techniques as they have today... So around 8 hours? Yeah, 8 hours to put on a face. I don't know if it takes you 8 hours to do your face, but it doesn't take me that long. If it takes you that much time, I imagine you must look something like Frankenstein..

But anyways, THE EXORCIST!
Great example of amazing make up. They went through tons of different make up designs before they came up with her ugly mug. Also, they did an amazing job. This people really know their work. Don't forget the Priest!!

Also, have you ever seen the Thing? That's not some photoshop shit, that's some amazing work.

See that? Holy hell, I'm watching it now and It still amazes me how they could do that from 

Also, AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON! Wow. Watch that! Possibly the greatest seen transformation that happens right before the viewers eyes NOT using CGI

So folks, don't underestimate the power of make up and the passion of art...
Or maybe you'll end up like this guy? ;)

(No, I do not do make up like this. I do girly make up. This is a cinema blog, lifestyle blog about MY life, and my make up blog. I'll post pictures of my girly little eyes with different hues, my dog, my mom, my sister brother mother boyfriend. Anything I want, including scenes and opinions of my favorite movies and all those have you whatnots. )

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